Active Agents List

Field NameData TypeLimitsDescription
fullnameString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersFull name of the Agent
emailString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersEmail of the Agent
voice_phoneString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersPhone number of the Agent
last_sign_in_atDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/AThe date this Agent was last entered into Rently system, in format of local time of server timezone (PST - 08:00 / PDT - 07:00)
roleString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersThe role of the Agent (eg- admin, data_entry, etc)
marketString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersMarket name (Charlotte, Pheonix, etc)