Hub Unlock Code

Request: POST /api/hubs/mls_unlock

(Note: Calling this api will bypass many security checks, please proceed with caution)

Will grant a code last for 2 hours of the issue day once used, and if not used will be deleted by end of day

Security Header

Once you get the access_token pass authorization header back to all subsequent requests

  • Name: Authorization
  • Value: Bearer 3d48f9ccf28d47619d323ff7e4d96a59d1ac34eaf9d859c592a44cff1fb49d33


serial - Hub serial number

name - name for this unlock code, which will show on Rently Manager portal

phone - phone number for this unlock code

  "serial": "123456",
  "name": "mls agent name",
  "phone": "mls agent phone number"


Either success or error, as shown below

  "success": true,
  "code": "123456"
  "success": false,
  "message": "optional error message here"