Stage 2: CRM and Agent Assisted Registration Integration API

The registration API is intended to eliminate double data entry between Rently system and client’s own CRM. All data entry fields will be passed in via URL parameters, and API will display credit card screen if one is required. Once the interaction is complete, registration page will display the status message on screen and pass the status in JSON format back to calling page. 

Due to the need to display HTML content, this API is designed as HTML page that is inserted as an iFrame popup. This is not like a REST based API that one would typically expect. 

End Point 
URL Parameters 
  • property_tag: (required) The property ID in client’s CRM system 

  • full_name: full name of the prospect 

  • mobile_phone: (required) mobile phone used to register a prospect for self showing 

  • sms_notes: (limit 150 characters) the additional sms message that gets sent if the registration is successful. 

  • auth_token: use the auth token provided by Rently to process auto login 

  • require_cc: determine if credit card should be required. If require cc is true, but cc is already provided, then no cc is required 

status: return the result of the registration page. It could be one of the following values 
  • banned: if a prospect is banned 

  • incomplete: if property was not found, or if some required fields are not provide, or if credit card page is not complete 

  • invited: if a prospect is successfully registered for open house 

  • prelease: if a prospect is successfully registered for prelease wait list 

  • message: detailed response message in readable format 

Post Message 
In order to pass the registration result back to the calling page, we will use parent.postMessage function. 

When the API sends postMessage function, a message event is triggered on the calling page (the CRM page). For example: 

window.addEventListener(“message”, receiveMessage, false); 

function receiveMessage(event) 


var result = JSON.parse(;) 

// …