List of Invitations


page optionalIntegerDefault value is 1
per_page optionalIntegerDefault value is 20. Maximum 100
property_id optionalIntegerSmart Home asset unique ID
status optionalStringOptional, Default value for search is 'all'. Allowed values are 'all', 'invited', 'accepted', 'move out initiated', 'moved out'. To search invitations against properties having hubs, pass search values like 'all' or 'invited' or 'accepted'. To search invitations against properties with oaks locks, pass search values like 'all' or 'invited' or 'accepted' or 'move out initiated' or 'moved out'. If include_deleted is passed as true, then 'denied', 'revoked' and 'removed' are allowed to search.
name optionalStringInvitation Name
email optionalStringInvitation Email
phone optionalStringInvitation Phone Number
account_id optionalStringImpersonate Account ID (or) all
include_deleted optionalBooleanDefault value is false. Allowed values are true or false. Pass true to include deleted records.
updated_after optionalStringGet list of invitation records which are updated on and after passed value. Allowed format YYYY-MM-DD.
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