Lead Activities Report

Field NameData TypeLimitsDescription
IdIntegerMax value 2147483627This is an internal serial number assigned for each activity.
activity_created_atDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/ADate and time this activity was created, in format of local time of server timezone (PST - 08:00 / PDT - 07:00)
accessString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersType of record
Controlled_showingrenter viewing record created by calling your leasing agent directly
self_registered_schedulingrenter registered online and indicated that they plan to view the target property
self_registered_viewingactual renter viewing record. a renter may view a property without prior scheduling
callcenter_showingrenter viewing facilitated by rently
callcenter_schedulingwhen call center scheduled a showing
Statuswhen a status field is updated in lead detail page
agent_assignwhen a lead is assign to an agent
waitlist_alertwhen a lead receives alert of property back on market
prelease_signupwhen a lead signs up a prelease property wait list
agent_schedulingwhen a lead scheduled a showing with agent
agent_viewingwhen a lead receives a showing with agent
custom_prescreening_banwhen a lead banned by prescreening questions
property_applywhen a lead applies a property
emailwhen inquiry received from email
failed_viewingwhen renter not satisfy showing requirements, like phone verification, ID verification or there was issue issuing a code
location_safe_signupwhen a prospect who has zero location credit and is idology authenticated schedules a future self showing
open_house_schedulingwhen an open house showing is scheduled
open_house_viewingwhen an open house showing is happened
callcenter_guest_cardwhen leads created from call center
otv_safe_signupwhen a prospect who has zero location credit and is not idology authenticated schedules a future self showing
safe_signupwhen there is a safe mode sign up
voicemailwhen a prospect calls the properties phone line and leaves a voicemail message
viewing_abandonedWhen a renter not a match for the property(but still allow to do showing)
property_idIntegerMax value 2147483627Rently internal property ID.  Same Id as property export.
NameString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersName that is entered in when prospects are registered
PhoneInteger10 digitsPhone number used for registration
EmailString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersEmail that is entered during registration
agent_nameString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersAgent name is here if this is an agent assigned viewing or scheduling
credit_card00Is the credit card on file: True or false
lead_idIntegerMax value 2147483627unique ID for lead
lead_created_dateDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/AThe date this lead was first entered into Rently system, in format of local time of server timezone (PST - 08:00 / PDT - 07:00)
lead_statusString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersStatus field on lead detail page
accountString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersMarket name. Useful if when you are viewing report for multiple tabs.
sourceString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersThe channel that initiated the auto showing. Sources could be PC or smartphone or qrcode
total_viewingsIntegerMax value 2147483627Per prospect, how many propertied they have gained access to for this account
addressString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersaddress of the property if it is a viewing activity
tagString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersProperty CRM Tag
ratingInteger0renter rating on the viewing (1 to 5 points), if a view survey is completed
feedbackString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersrenter feedback on the viewing, if a view survey is completed
pcodeString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersProperty pcode used in Yardi system.
is_viewingBooleanTrue/FalseWhether the activity is a visit to a property or not.
account_idString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersAccount id to which property belongs to.
time_zoneString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersTime zone of the property
ip_addressString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersThe public IP address of the prospect is granted a viewing code for a self viewing. This field is only populated for "self_registered_viewing" and "failed_viewing" access types