Webhook Notification Integration

Webhook is a popular integration technology used by companies like Github, Amazon, etc. The information is sent in real-time as it is recorded into our database.

To get started, provide YOUR Rently CLIENT SUCCESS MANAGER with a URL ENDPOINT where you want to receive the web post and RENTLY WILL FACILITATE TESTING AND DEPLOYMENT. The content of the post will be in JSON format. The best way to test the API is actually use Hurl.it or Postman tool so that you can post the following examples to your web end points and debug accordingly. PLEASE BE SURE TO DEBUG BEFORE PROVIDING THE URL TO YOUR RENTLY CSM.

  "hub_id": "78bf6b20-9f5f-4564-8cd0-bd0f07ab0ca9",
  "home_name": "30011, 5310 West Barry Avenue Common Door",
  "serial_no": "30011",
  "address": "5310 West Barry Avenue Common Door, Chicago, IL, 60641",
  "pms_datapull_id": "Rently02|221",
  "message_type": "power_source",
  "details": "battery/external",
  "activity_time": 1546862518845

Smart Home supports dozens of alert or activity notification events, including events with following devices: hub, lock, thermostat, contact sensor, switch, motion sensor, dimmable switch, garage door, lightbulb, repeater, valve controller, smoke alarm, leakage sensor, door bell, siren, access panel, etc.