Leads Report

Field NameData TypeLimitsDescription
IdIntegerMax value 2147483627This is an internal serial number assigned for each lead.
fullnameString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersFull name of the lead
statusString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersStatus field on lead detail page
phoneString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersphone number on lead detail page
emailString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersemail on lead detail page
assigned_agentString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersAgent field on lead detail page
credit cardBooleanTrue/Falseon file True or False
lead_created_atDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/AThe date this prospect was first entered into Rently system
commentsString/VarcharMax 255 Characterscomments entered into the leads detail page
accountString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersmarket name (Charlotte, Pheonix, etc)
updated_atDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/Awhen the lead was updated