Properties Report

Field NameData TypeLimitsDescription
IdIntegerMax value 2147483627This is an internal serial number assigned for each property
LockboxString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersserial number
showing_hour_nameString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersThe primary showing hour name based on agent showing
AddressString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersaddress entered into Rently
summaryString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersdescription of property
headlineString/VarcharMax 255 Charactersheadline on ad
description00Main marketing text
priceFloat1E-307 to 1E+308Latest rental price of property
previous_rentFloat1E-307 to 1E+308Previous rental price of property
rent_updated_atDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/AThe date latest rental price is entered, in format of local time of server timezone (PST - 08:00 / PDT - 07:00)
status_titleString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersType of showing that is enabled for this property. Pre-leasing | Pre-showing is waitlist, inactive is off market
created_atDateTime with zone (eg- 2019-01-08 22:12:05 -0800)N/ADate property record is created on Rently, in format of local time of server timezone (PST - 08:00 / PDT - 07:00)
activeBooleanTrue/FalseTrue means auto showing is active / false means auto showing is off
previous_lockboxString/VarcharMax 255 Characterslast lockbox assigned to this property if any
rent_ready_dateDateN/Athis date is assigned when adding a property by the assigning of a lockbox to property section (yellow area)
lb_unassign_dateDateN/Athis is when a lockbox is unassigned from a property
inactive_dateDateN/Athis is when a property is marked inactive for automated showings
archive_dateDateN/Awhen it was archived
unit#String/VarcharMax 255 CharactersProperty CRM Tag
stardard_addressString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersRently address system tries to standardize display format of the input address. It is used for geo-location display purpose
URLString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersUrl that links to this property from browser
assigned_agents00Number of agents assigned to property from property alert section.
lb_assigned_dateDateN/ARecords the date lockbox is assigned to property. Will not be updated when lockbox is assigned second time.
autoshowing_dateDateN/ARecords the date property is first set to corresponding status. Will not be set when property enters this status second time.
agentshowing_dateDateN/ARecords the date property is first set to corresponding status. Will not be set when property enters this status second time.
prelease_dateDateN/ARecords the date property is first set to corresponding status. Will not be set when property enters this status second time.
agent_inactivate_dateDateN/ARecords the date property is set to corresponding status the last time. Will  be updated each time this status is set.
total_showingsIntegerMax value 2147483627Total number of showing.
current_week_showingsIntegerMax value 2147483627Total showing in current week.
prelease_preshow_signupsIntegerMax value 2147483627Total No of showing scheduled for future dates.
Statistic fields:

total_calls            current_week_calls            total_inquiries            current_week_inquiries            last_7_days_leads            last_8_to_14_days_leads            last_15_to_30_days_leads            greater_than_30_days_leads        last_7_days_showings            last_8_to_14_days_showings            last_15_to_30_days_showings            greater_than_30_days_showings  interested            claimed_leads            unclaimed_leads

String/VarcharMax 255 CharactersShows corresponding property statistics. Data is updated nightly.

total_calls, total_inquiries will be for all time data;

interested, claimed_leads and unclaimed_leads will show for the past 30 days

tenant_nameString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersTenant's Name.
tenant_phoneString/VarcharMax 255 Characters10 digit phone number(formatted/unformatted with/without country code).
access_start_dateDateN/ADate when access is provided.
access_end_dateDateN/ADate till when access should be available.
move_in_move_out_typeString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersType of access (move_in/move_out).
hubIntegerMax value 2147483627Hub id in Rently system(if attached).
pcodeString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersYardi Pcode(if available)
manager_app_access_allowedString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersWhether lock/lockbox can be accessible through code/app (TRUE/FALSE)
manager_app_access_blocked_reasonString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersReason if lock/lockbox cannot be accessible through code/app
secondary_external_idString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersSecondary External id used for sending guestcard for SFH
company_nameIntegerMax value 2147483627This is the Company Name that the property belongs to
square_feetString/VarcharMax 255 CharactersProperty Square Feet
bedroomsFloat1E-307 to 1E+308Number of bedrooms in the property
bathroomsFloat1E-307 to 1E+308Number of bathrooms in the property